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Death Knights1 Tank Apply
DruidsResto or Balance Apply
Magesapply Apply
Monk1 Tank Apply
PaladinsHoly or Prot Apply
Priests1 Disc Apply
Roguesapply Apply
Shamanelemental or resto Apply
Warlocksapply Apply

Welcome to Judgement. We are an adult progression raiding guild having formerly spent 6 years on Antonidas server. We are always open to applications from all classes. We have just recently moved some of our more skilled raiders combined with players formerly from US 25 or higher ranked guilds in order to work on taking top guild on our new server Grizzly Hills. If you are tired of always having to look under every rock to find competent players at the end of each expansion once they have all cancelled thier accounts awaiting new content then why not give us a try? We raid even once all the  content is down. You will always have something to do in Judgement.

We were one of only ten Alliance guilds on our former server of Antonidas to complete Heroic Dragon Soul prior to the 35% nerf and new talents and are now actively raiding the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Our goal in this expansion will become top guild on Grizzly Hills while moving forwards towards the U.S. 2500 or better position. Please join us as we continue to progress in our steady drama free adult raid teams.
We have had a number of new players move to join us recently and the majority of them are nothing less than stellar this should turn out to be another exciting expansion for us.

We are currently looking to plus up our membership in order to fulfill the needs of a 20 person raid group  for the WOD expansion.
Interested players please contact us at or battle tag me at inj#1944 to chat in game.



Guild News
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Malkorok down

JudgementofAntonidas, Oct 14, 13 1:15 PM.
Have been slow to update the website but we have Malkorok down with spoils and Thok most likely to follow tonight or with the next reset.

Still looking for a geared resto druid.

normal tier complete

JudgementofAntonidas, Aug 16, 13 12:56 PM.
wow, news, am I behind or what? Lie Shen has been down a week yet no progress on heroic Ji kuhn. Will post when there is news.

Ji Kun down with Dorumu very close.

JudgementofAntonidas, Jun 6, 13 12:03 PM.
We have Ji Kun down with Dorumu very close. However we are heavily pugging and need to work harder on filling in our final missing roster openings.

Downed Council

JudgementofAntonidas, Apr 25, 13 2:16 AM.
Downed Council tonight placing us at 6 on the server. We should easily down Tortos tomorrow and move to Magera.

possible council tactic

JudgementofAntonidas, Apr 18, 13 2:01 AM.
Jeremy Holmbo 2 weeks ago

My guild found it was much simpler to tank all three together. I held Sul, Frost King, and´╗┐ the priestess the entire fight, with each of the three healers blowing a cool down whenever I got frozen. That way, people were almost constantly cleaving all three. I'm a 503 Paladin btw, in case that helps anyone. Thought you might like to hear about a different strategy.

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